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Electronic Maintenance-MRO

Spare Electronic Parts

Electronic Obsolescence Management

Electronic Systems Perpetuation

Collecting Old Defect Electronic Equipment

Supplier of obsolete and hard to find electronic material for industrials

I know problems of industry.

I am Laurent Morice and before creating Net Projets society I was for a few years international technician.

You need rapidity and quality.

So take advantage of sourcing spare parts service (search & supply).

This website is dedicated to your requests.

Supply of old electronic material for industrials is our speciality.

We are working in the service of maintenance (preventive and curative). Why these services ? To avoid and stop shutdowns.

Our specific knowledge and know-how : old obsolete spare parts sourcing

Thanks to our specific searching tools for electronic parts we are able to provide solutions for

perpetuation of your equipments. Including hard to find and obsolete parts.

Electronic spare parts we supply regularly :

Automation parts

Industrial boards

Computer, IT


Specific electronic parts

We offer :

Electronic maintenance, MRO

Electronic equipment sales

Obsolescence management

Electronic systems perpetuation

Collecting old defect electronic equipment

We can help !

For any request, contact us by mail or by phone +33 (0)2 38 62 64 16

Laurent MORICE